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At Ascendance Wealth, Results Matter.

We believe in removing complexity and frustration from the whole process and allowing our clients complete transparency and control of their portfolio at any give moment in time.

Our approach is:


The team at Ascendance has two decades of financial experience, supported by more than $700M of investment transactions.


Through an innovative “Wealth Watch” platform, Ascendance delivers an insightful view of each client’s portfolio performance.  Viewed against relevant alternatives, Ascendance’s results include return comparisons, risk trade-offs, and cost differentials.


Since inception in 2008, Ascendance has been a fiduciary, always putting client interests first. Clients are not assigned to a generic portfolio; rather, custom solutions are developed to advance the financial well-being of each client.

The Ascendance team has

Years of Experience
Million Invested
Client Retention


Portfolio Management

Avoid generic allocations. Participate in your custom investment strategy.

Financial Planning

Minimize uncertainty. Develop a sound plan through financial statement reviews.

College Funding

Know the facts.
Prepare for the costs of college.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Live your life. Ensure you don’t run out of cash along your journey.


No cost and no obligation consultation.