Ascendance provides greater insights and transparency into the performance, cost, and risk of wealth and financial management.

Portfolio Management

Ascendance partners with clients to develop customized investment strategies with a complete understanding of risk tolerance, goals, timeline, and tax implications.  Advanced analytics are deployed to both assess historical relevance as well as probability of success across multiple decisions in portfolio allocation.  Frequent review, including client consultation, follow.

Financial Planning

Financial statement review is the basis of a sound financial plan.  Management of resources, ranging from budgeting to asset utilization, is continually assessed to aid the achievement of client objectives.

College Funding

Many clients are concerned about paying for college expenses while also not compromising other investment needs.  College saving options could include the use of financial aid, scholarships, 529 plans, custodial accounts (UTMA/UGMA), or other methods.

Cash Flow Forecasting

“Will I run out of money?” is a question commonly asked.  Ascendance provides clients candid confirmation or constructive actions alongside a written plan for each.  Key assumptions are continually highlighted, tested, and monitored.

No cost and no obligation consultation.